Version 1.0:

Uploaded: 7-7-08

Available: 7-10-08


ASV, NRSV w/ Apocrypha

Version 1.0.1:

Uploaded: 7-11-08

Available: 7-25-08

New translations: ESV, NASB, LBLA

Bugs fixes

How do I get the update?

Apple sends all application updates through the AppStore.  Once they have made it available for download, the AppStore icon on your device will gain a red numbered badge indicating updates are available.  You can also check the obscure “Check for Updates” link in iTunes.

When I upload an update to Apple, they take it into review process, which can take 2-15 days.  Once they have approved it, it will become available for download through iTunes.  Until either they approve or reject it, I am blocked from uploading further updates.


Version 1.1:

Uploaded: July 30th

Available: August 2nd.

Bugs Fixes

New Features

“Swipe to change chapters,” history, verse index, “lower third footnotes,” rich formatting

Version 1.2:

Uploaded: August 30th

Available: September 5th

Bugs Fixes

New Features

Sharing bookmarks & notes through e-mail.

Version 1.2.1:

Uploaded: September 8th

Available: September 17th

Bug fixes

Version 1.2.3:

Uploaded: 10/1/08


Version 1.3:

Uploaded: 11/1/08

Available: 11/7/08

New Features

Updated ESV

Add The Message

Version 1.3.1:

Uploaded: 11/10/08

Available: 11/13/08

Bug fixes

+Landscape Mode

+Search Summaries

Version 1.4:

Uploaded: 12/28/08

Available: 1/3/09

New Features

Indexed Search

User Settings

Version 1.5:

Uploaded: 4/12/’09

Available: 4/19/’09

New Features

Multi-lingual Interface

Downloadable Translations

Bug Fixes ESV, TM

Version 1.5.3:

Uploaded: 6/15/‘09

Available: 7/5/‘09

Bug fixes for OS 3:

   (Verse Notes)

Version 1.6:

Uploaded: 7/7/09

Available: 4/2/10

Lite Available: 8/15/09

New Features Here

Version 1.6.1:

Uploaded: 4/5/10

Available: 4/7/10

Lite Available: TBD

Works on iPhone& iPad