Version 1.5 - Translation Update

In version 1.5, BibleXpress gets a translation update.  The user interface is now available in German, Spanish, Chinese and French, and you can download free public domain translations of the Bible in German, Latin, Spanish and Chinese!

Multilingual Interface

Not an English reader?  Then this description won’t help much...  Anyway, BibleXpress’s interface now works in your preference of English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese.  Some users have freely given their time to translate the interface.

Download Free Translations

Many users have requested inclusion of more Bible translations.  Other users have been asking for a way to get rid of some of the translations they already have.  Here’s my compromise:  Many non-English translations are now available for download & install.  In the “reference picker,” tap the plus button and BibleXpress will access the
internet to find the languages & translations available.  Just tap the language of your choice.  There will be a sample of each translation, along with short descriptions.   You only need to download each translation once, it will remain in BibleXpress, and will be backed up to iTunes, just as your notes are.

You will be able to download the Latin Vulgate, the Lutherbibel, the Reina Valera, an
d a Chinese translation immediately, others as I find them & convert the format.

‘Instant’ Scripture Bug Fixes

Of all texts, the most important to keep accurate is the Bible.  Sometimes, formatting errors creep through my automated data processing, so getting bug fixes to users faster is an important ability added through the new 1.5.  Instead of waiting for a week for Apple to approve a simple content fix, corrected content can be downloaded through the translation downloader as soon as it is available.  Visit the Bug Blog to find out about the latest bugs & their status.

Oh yeah, and I figured out how to make landscape mode & red letters default to “On.” ...  I think ...

In case you were wondering, I have had this planned since before BibleXpress first launched in July of last year.  I just had lots of other features to add.