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How do I get the update?
Apple sends all application updates through the AppStore.  Once they have made it available for download, the AppStore icon on your device will gain a red numbered badge indicating updates are available.  You can also check the obscure “Check for Updates” link in iTunes.

Scripture - 

How do I change from one chapter or book to another?
    When reading scripture, tap the button at the top of the screen that displays the current book, chapter and translation.  This brings up the “reference picker” that lets you scroll through the available books, chapters & translations.  Which ever one is highlighted in the middle will be what you’ll see when you tap the done button at the top of the screen.
    BibleXpress also provides you with a description & copyright information for each translation when you swap to a different translation.
    Whatever verse you were reading will still be there when you get back.
    If you don’t remember where a particular book is, you can tap in the search field at the bottom of the screen.  It will slide up the keyboard and so you can type in a few characters of the book’s name.  All the books that contain the characters you type will be displayed in the list.  Just tap one, and that book will be selected in the “reference picker.”

Bookmarks - 
    BibleXpress gives you full control of organizing your bookmarks.  You can add a new folder, delete a bookmark, notemark or folder, or reorder the items in a folder by tapping the “Edit” button.  If you’d like to change the name of a folder, bookmark or notemark, or change their location, tap “Edit” then select the item.  When you are done changing the name or selecting a new folder, just hit the back button.

All of your bookmarks and notes are saved through the iTunes “back up” process.

Does BibleXpress work with iPhone OS 3?
Version 1.5.3 and later: YES.
Version 1.5.1 and earlier: Not entirely.  The verse notes feature will not record your verse notes correctly, and you’ll risk loosing your verse notes.  I have fixed the bug in BibleXpress 1.5.3, which has been sent to Apple.  I recommend waiting to upgrade to iPhone OS 3 until you have BibleXpress 1.5.3, and if you have already upgraded to iPhone OS 3, I recommend hiding the verse notes until you have BibleXpress 1.5.3, which should be available about June 22.

Does BibleXpress require internet to work?
Only for sending e-mails or downloading additional translations.  It would be practically useless if it needed internet access for regular scripture, bookmark, or search access; Sunday school rooms and packed sanctuaries provide about the worst wireless internet experience I’ve ever seen.  Once BibleXpress is installed from the AppStore it works on the device even if your wireless circuits get fried.

However, downloading additional free or for-purchase translations, however, does require internet access once for each translation you install.

Sharing bookmarks requires not only internet access, but also a working e-mail account.

(Free updates, of course, require internet access for the AppStore, just like all other apps.)

Price - 
Why does BibleXpress cost so much?
    My goal is to provide you with as many popular translations as I can without making the price unattainable.  $3 is too cheap to offer significant Bible translations, while $100 is too much.  I set the price at $29.99.
    Unfortunately, the process of getting licenses for copyrighted Bible translations is rather slow, so not all translations were available when the AppStore launched.  Furthermore, Apple does not have a mechanism for paid updates.*  That means if I raise the price on a new version with a new translation, the text goes to everyone who bought the app, while I don’t get paid extra and then I’m in the hole for paying royalties on every copy already sold.  So I set the price at $29.99 U.S.  You’ll keep getting more Bible translations in ‘free’ updates until 85% ±5% net revenue is being paid as royalties.  We’re at 45% right now.
    At first blush, the price will seem high, especially at launch when the number of included translations is low, but please realize that the process of sub-licensing a Bible translation takes a few weeks due to the lawyers involved, and this process has already been started.  In fact some contracts have already been agreed to and we’re just waiting on Apple’s application review process to get the update to you.
*This will be changing in iPhone OS 3.

Why don’t you have the (insert favorite translation here)?
We’d love to include the translations our potential users want.  In order to better serve you, we have deliberately left some open spots in the price for future translations.  Please take a look at a detailed list of the translations here.

My app crashes a lot / my app is slow to load!
Two users have reported that the app takes as many as 20 seconds to load, or it does not load at all.  This is not the intended or regular experience of BibleXpress, here’s what fixed it:

If you are experiencing crazy behavior, like the app never starts, or crashes randomly while you’re just reading scripture, you need to “reinstall” your app.  With your iPhone plugged in and visible in iTunes, Choose the “Applications” tab.  Select “Selected applications:”  Then deselect BibleXpress, and Sync your phone.  Next, make sure the BibleXpress icon is no longer on your phone.  Then reselect BibleXpress from the list, and Sync your phone again.  If you still have trouble, make sure to note what you are doing.  Unfortunately, this may delete your bookmarks.  I’m working on a way to determine what happened, but if the app works fine after the reinstall, then it was some random electron going where no electron had gone befo.... oh, you know.

I don’t see the update/Update won’t install
Please install the new iTunes 8 and update to iPhone OS 2.2.1.
If you continue having problems, contact iTunesStoreSupport.  They don’t give me any more information than what is available to you.  You can get more help a this address:

I lost my bookmarks when I updated
This does not seem to happen with iPhone OS 3.

My verse notes are all blank/tapping won’t edit them.
Send yourself your bookmarks in an e-mail to ensure they are not lost.  Sync your device with iTunes to make a back up.  Disconnect your device.  Remove BibleXpress from your device.  Sync your device with your computer, iTunes should reinstall BibleXpress; if it does not select BibleXpress in the “Applications” tab when your device is selected.

Can you make the clicking sound stop?
No. It is a bug in the iPhone OS, and my program has no control over whether the “picker” makes incessant clicking noises.  You’ll have to put the phone on silent.  Sorry.

Contact - 
If you didn’t find an answer to your question above, you can get technical support at  I regret that due to the volume of e-mail, I will be unable to personally respond to your feature ideas.  Please note, that for legal reasons, in sending unsolicited feature idea submissions: you agree that: (1) your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Ben Spratling, without any compensation to you; (2) Ben Spratling may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way; (3) there is no obligation for Ben Spratling to review the submission; and (4) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.Bug_Blog/Bug_Blog.htmlTranslations_Copyrights_Lite.html

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Here is the “BibleXpress Introduction” video, posted on YouTube.