No, there is not a “
Save My Soul” feature.  Saving refers to saving references to scripture for later -- in essence, bookmarks, but iPhone style!  The bookmarks are File/Folder style, which anyone can understand.

Each Bookmark shows its title and reference; just like search results, clicking a bookmark immediately displays the appropriate translation and chapter with the verse(s) highlighted.

Tap “edit” to remove, rename, reorder or relocate the bookmarks, and folders, and create new folders & notemarks.

Bookmarks also holds the notes you type that don’t relate to a particular scripture verse.

With bookmarks organized the way you want, it’ll be easier for you to find those favorite or important bible verses, much faster than searching for them again and again.

This isn’t a flat bookmark structure like some other iPhone Bible program, you can nest folders inside folders and so on, to get the organization you want.