The lawyers even have their hands in testimonies

Howdy folks.  If you would like to submit your testimony for posting on, you can do so by sending it to a special e-mail address for testimonies.  If you do that, however, you agree to these terms:

  1. 1)   You transfer license-free non-exclusive copyright of the testimony for publication on the website.

  2. 2)    Your first-name may be used, but other personally identifying information will be removed (such as last-name, e-mail address, location).

  3. 3) will select testimonies for posting as Ben, or his designated authority, sees fit, and there is no guarantee that your testimony will be posted, or that if it is selected that it will be posted in any given time frame.

  4. 4)    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, it’s owners, managers, employees, contractors, council, beta-testers and any business or personal associates from negative consequences from the publication of your testimony.

  5. 5)    If your testimony contains information that suggests that your welfare, or that of another, is in danger, or that you intend to commit criminal acts, has the right to refer  any submitted information to appropriate legal authorities.

  6. 6) has the right to edit your testimony for brevity or inappropriate content.

7)    The terms of using regarding feature submission and the other stuff over on the support page also apply.

Ok, if you’ve read & agreed to that, the e-mail address is


Suggestions for testimonies

BibleXpress welcomes testimonies that show how Christ has changed your life or the lives of those around you.

  1. Focus on how Christ has changed your life, or the life of someone around you.  Tell how you know that it was Christ that has done the work, and if He has done anything similar that’s recorded in scripture, send bookmarks to those passages.

  2. It’s not necessary for the testimony to include BibleXpress, just really good publicity.  ;-)

  3. If you would like to, you may send some BibleXpress bookmarks pointing to relevant scripture passages - I might include them in a download link.  Many people have a Bible verse that has kept them going in tough times, or has served as council when they faced a tough decision.  (Personally, it’s Jeremiah 29:11.)

  4. Respect people’s privacy and omit personally identifying information.

  5. Be germane, cogent, and brief.

  6. Edit your testimony a couple of times.  Teh les editting I hav to do teh better.  :-)

  7. Be wary of long or complex sentences because they can be confusing.

  8. There is some content that is inappropriate for publication on a Christ-centered webpage.  If you’re not sure, ask Him.

  9. Don’t submit information you wouldn’t want published on the “front-page,” because if it’s a juicy testimony, I’m likely to post a teaser there.